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The ADCC event format was created to bring competitors from all backgrounds together. ADCC Asia runs events in and around the Asia and Oceania region. It’s our goal to bring combat sports and communities together for the greater good of us all.
ADCC Asia & Oceania Championship 2020

This is the official trials to the ADCC World Championship, which will be help in 2021. This event is for Asia & Oceania passports only and you will be required to show your passport to compete.

This is a Pro event, but is open to all levels who want to enter. Also please note that for this event, only Professional Male weight class winners will qualify to attend the ADCC World Championship in 2021. This event is run by ADCC Asia. We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.

Key Event Info

Date: December 5th, 2020
Venue: Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Sports Hall
Address: 11 Bedok North Street 1, level 4, Singapore 469662
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ADCC Asia & Oceania Championship 2020 Event Details

Weight Classes

*Male (+18 yrs, Professional):
-65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg

Male Masters (+35 yrs Intermediate rules):
-65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg, +99kg and absolute

Female (+18 yrs Professional):
-60kg and +60kg

Female Masters (+35 yrs Intermediate rules):
-60kg, +60kg and absolute*No Intermediate or Beginner weight classes.

*Professional Male weight class winners only will get qualified to ADCC World Championship 2021. Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals.

Competitors must be able to verify that their nationality is from Asia or Oceania.

Option 1 – upload ID or Passport in SmoothComp via the Profile menu.

Option 2 – Send name, country (must have nationality from Asia or Oceania) – must prove on the day of registration with passport or ID, academy, weight class and division (adult or master) to us via the CONTACT page.

Registration Fee
Male Professional
$98 SGD before May 05, 2020
$128 SGD between May 05 – Nov 04, 2020
$148 SGD after Nov 04 (11:59 PM SGT)

The Rest
$44 SGD before May 05, 2020
$54 SGD between May 05 – Nov 04, 2020
$64 SGD after Nov 04 (11:59 PM SGT)

Registration closes Nov 21, 2020, 11:59 PM SGT. SmoothComp allows you to register without paying. Only paid registrations will be counted and published after Nov 21st.

Weigh In
Weigh-ins will be held from 10:30 am.

Referee seminar will be held December 4th.

The doors open half hour before the competition starts. Spectator entry is free.

Athletes must be present for weigh-in. Athletes, who are overweight will be automatically disqualified and cannot compete.

No refund of competition fees in any case of wrong registrations, not showing up for fight or being disqualified for being overweight or not being at the registration and/or weigh-in or any other reasons.

A list of competitors will be published on December 1st on the ADCC Asia Facebook page and also on
Please check to see if you are listed and in the right division. You may contact us via our CONTACT page if you need to.

No e-mail sent later than the deadline will be considered.

For a full list of Rules & Regulations, see the ADCC link below.
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